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Hello folks,

little update tonight to give you the link to the Trello page for Spaceless Station’s development. Where you can keep track if it without the necessity of blog updates (for very small changs not really worthy of a blog post) or having to ask “how’s it going”, not that I don’t apreciate it, I do, it’s just that its easier and simpler this way:

The site <- CLICK THAT

You can still ask me directly if you want to.

And yes I am aware I owe you a post on ESG, But for a good bit of time I had the idea of doing the post at the same time i put it out. Because downloads are fun!

But given that it will prob take a good, good while for that to happen since it’s not on my focus right now. I’ll give you the post I had planned. Tomorrow, or today technically its past midnight.

if i dont forget, or lazy out.

butyoureusedtothatalreadyarentyou =)


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