Update: What’s been happening?

15 Jul

Hi, I told you I would say something today and here it is.

To keep things organised and the posts not too long this update/announcement/reveal thingymajib will be split into 3 posts: the oen you’re currently reading, and 2 others for the games I said I would reveal.

Those games, are *drum roll*.

 Spacless Station and ESG II! Now I’ll give you details on these two in their own posts, and yes I understand ESG is technically not a new game but it kinda is, just keep reading a tad.

Since the last you’ve heard of my stuff was on ESG’s 2nd update, and since then a load of stuff changed, the biggest being the engine. ESG was made with GameMaker: Studio but as time went on I wanted to use a more feature heavy editor, not gamemaker is lacking in features but I knew Unity had more and was more flexible on what it could do, so I installed that and had to learn that, it’s not hard but Gamemaker simplifies alot of stuff that unity doesn’t so it takes soem adjusting, mainly in the coding department which made porting ESg over a bit more complicated since I was trying to apply code logic from GML where it wouldn’t work.

I realised I was better off making a game from scratch in Unity isntead of ports, and from that came 4 ideas that all except one were stoped in development, and the reason that happened was 80% the art part.

One criticism I got was that the art style for ESG was too small and needed more detail, so I started experimenting and 32×32 sprites started feeling too small for my taste, and so I moved on to 64×64, it is perfect for detail but there’s also alot more work involved since, well, there’s more space and so more lines, edges, curves and colour that can go wrong and I’m not an artist, so alot of stuff that is not a straight ass line will have some problems, the detail and colour gradants are nice tough. So I did the surviving game’s art in 64×64 and it looks ok, And I redrew ESG’s ship as a 64×64 sprite and it came out good imo.

Later i discovered you could do 48×48 sprites, but I haven’t really explored those dimensions, it seems to be a nice inbetween tough!  also its a pain to draw sprite sheets in because theres no snap to grid and u have to get a plugin to get a grid thast not 1×1 pixel

Oh I haven’t even touched the concept of music or sound designing in my games, FL studio is spooky.

In between all that my HDD died, bought a new one, had to recover game stuff from the dead one had to isntall stuff all over again and I discovered some new memes.

But wait there’s more:I changed to tumblr from wordpress because some people had problem with wordpress not translating right and tumblr having more trafic potential; I made a youtube channel for da devlogs and streams area thing now so:

The Devlog youtube channel.

The Twitch

The Steam Group where i cuss at my fanbase (”A censored version of what i would say” – Delval 2k15)

Anyway thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys on the next update in like a month maybe thre- AH JUST KIDING SCRUBS I’LL POST some dedicated posts to those games after this one, not like there are a ton of peeps reading this so no pressure I guess.

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